What I offer


I offer a proofreading and 'light' editing service, for both documents and websites. That is to say, I will work to ensure that your content is free of all spelling, grammar, syntax and consistency errors. So when I have finished with it, there should be no unambiguous mistakes, and it should read well. What I do not do is edit your content to change the meaning of what you are trying to say. Neither do I suggest changes to design and layout. This includes website design.


As well as text, I am also happy to check and edit diagrammatical content, such as graphs and tables.


For website content, I use a program to convert webpages into PDFs, Adobe Reader to edit them and add comments where appropriate, and then I return them to the client via Wetransfer − unless of course the client suggests an alternative.


And for all other content, the client would receive from me a 'tracked changes' copy in Word with my suggested amendments and related comments where appropriate, as well as a clean copy with all amendments made − again unless an alternative is suggested.



Who are my clients?


I look forward to working with a wide variety of clients, for instance:


  • businesses catering to a well-read clientele
  • authors wishing to self-publish
  • advertisers (both online and print)
  • customers from abroad who work with the English language


A special note regarding essays and dissertations: for ethical reasons, I will only work on them if they are already of a good standard and just need a 'final pair of eyes', so would need to see the entire content before agreeing to the job.



Additional points


I work alone. No work will be contracted out. If I don't have the time to work on your project I will have to decline it. This way, you can have confidence that your project will be worked on with the greatest care.


When you contact me for a quote, please give as much information as possible, such as word count and requested turnaround time. A sample of the content would also be much appreciated, so I could more accurately determine a fair quote and turnaround time.


I take confidentiality extremely seriously. All data sent to me will be deleted from my computer after I have worked on it, and it will never, ever be forwarded on to anyone else, unless there is a legal obligation to do so.


Work will be invoiced within fourteen days of completion, although I reserve the right to ask for payment upfront, especially for new non-corporate or overseas clients. I kindly request that payment is made via PayPal or bank transfer only. If you are an overseas (non-UK) customer and paying by bank transfer, please ensure that the money received by me is free of all bank charges.





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